Danby Wine Refrigerator

A Wine Refrigerator May Be All You Need

A wine cooler is a short-term storage device (less than a year). It’s used to store wine at proper serving temperatures. They vary greatly in size, appearance and features. The following guides provide more detail. How to Buy the Best … Read More

wine rack

Is a Wine Rack Enough?

A wine rack by itself can be used to store wine for less than 6 months. Additional wine-cellar equipment is needed for long-term storage. Wine racks usually come in metal or wood, they can be plain or decorative. You can … Read More

eurocave wine cellar

Long-Term Wine Storage without a Wine Cellar

Electric Wine Cellars and Wine Cabinets are designed to provide the proper environment for long-term wine storage. The length of time depends on your goals and the wine itself. These products may resemble refrigerators or high-end furniture. The following guides … Read More