What’s Prosecco Wine? Italian Sparkling Wine vs. French Champagne

A new word for the New Year, just don’t call it cheap Champagne. But, whether you know what Prosecco wine is or not, chances are very good you’ll have some New Year’s Eve. Prosecco wine is generally a dry Italian … Read More

A Slightly Sweet Thanksgiving: Madeira and Lambrusco Wine

According to Richard Mayson in his book on the subject: Madeira wine is currently experiencing a renaissance. It is a wine that behaves like almost no other. Heat and air, the sworn enemies of most wines and winemakers, conspire to … Read More

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Wine in the Desert: Blood Into Wine in Arizona and Patagonia

First, young wine drinkers and sommeliers want the new and obscure. For example, Lagrein red wine grapes from the Italian region of Alto Adige which borders Austria is rare to the point of obscurity and growing in popularity. Patagonia in Argentina … Read More