Valentine’s Day – If Only They Made Chocolate Wine

‘Cause if someone made chocolate wine you wouldn’t have to bother pairing it for Valentine’s Day! The problem with both chocolate and wine is there are so many different kinds and so many unique and complex flavorings. How can you possibly anticipate what that box of chocolate truffles from CVS will taste like when paired with Two Buck Chuck?

Well, first I hope you can do a little bit better than convenience store chocolate and Two Buck Chuck for your Valentine, and second, they actually do make chocolate wine, or at least wine covered in chocolate.


Third, why try to pair what’s already been paired for you? Most wine gift / basket sellers put a considerable amount of time into selecting products that pair perfectly with each other, for example:


For sharing with or simply indulging your favorite Valentine, the gift of premium chocolate truffles and red wine is a classic gift that always pleases.

At the link above, your beloved can receive a bottle of Beringer Founders’ Estate Cabernet Sauvignon in a gift-wrapped wine box. Rich and smooth, this California Cabernet is the perfect accompaniment to a dozen fruit ganache (a smooth mixture of chocolate and cream, not to be confused with Grenache the grape) truffles made with exotic fruit and cream purees encased in hand-painted milk and dark chocolates.

Combined, the truffles and wine make the perfect gift to say “I love you.”

And no, this wine gift will not help you or your beloved keep your New Years resolutions to lose 50 lbs. Besides, statistics say that 30% of all resolutions are broken within the first week, and the rest are toast in less than a month, so you’re golden. But, if you must torture yourself with the damage you’re doing to your health before your go ahead and eat it anyway, check out this article on the calories in wine.

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