The Nouveau Thing


So what’s the new thing in the wine world these days? Plastic Bottles. That’s right the same PET bottles used for fruit drinks and soda pop, with a nudge from environmentalists, has become a viable wine-packaging alternative to glass. One of the latest producers to embrace the new trend is French wine giant Boisset who recently announced that all Beaujolais Nouveau wines imported to the US this year (for their annual November release date), will be shipped in plastic bottles. According to Jean-Charles Boisset, PET bottles, would reduce shipping weight by 42 percent (and thus fuel use), while PET packaging would produce 50 to 60 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than glass throughout its life cycle. The company is also unveiling Fog Mountain Merlot, a domestically sourced California wine, also in PET. It already sells its Mommessin Beaujolais Grande Reserve in aluminium bottles.

Click here for more information on plastic wine bottles and the carbon-neutral wine trend.

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