Just in Time for Halloween – “The Green Fairy”


No, not the Bruce Lee television series. Absinthe, also known as the Green Fairy, the muse of 19th century artists (like Van Gogh) and the bane of the early 20th is making a comeback. This 140-proof liqueur reached its height of popularity at a time when wine prices were skyrocketing. Later on, murders reminiscent of the Amityville Horror ignited hysteria about its effects. After 95 years, “Lucid” is  the first genuine Absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the United States.

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  1. alexofthesword says

    i suggest you mix it with sugar and water. pour the absinthe over a sugar cube light it on fire then followed by the water.. you will get the "louche" or the milky white stuff going on… definately a hyped experience not worth the money.. i have traveled and tried quite a few absinthes looking for the green fairy experience to no avail…

    dont mix it with champagne…

  2. Funnygirl2ever123 says

    Suddenly I found myself naked cooling myself downstairs with smartwater….

  3. RebekkhaGiL says

    Fuel de joy?

  4. It is mostly hype that I've experienced. I've bought & sampled about 2 dozen brands/styles of Absinthe and have had no head trip experiences. It's a high proof alcohol that (traditionally) tastes like black licorice, that's about all. If you want take a shot of it & mix it with some Coke/Pepsi (or other cola drink, even a Cherry Coke variety tastes good). The main thing is if it's a true absinthe it'll be strong (high alcohol content) so mix it at a 1 to 3 ratio with whatever you use. And enjoy, I like it myself cuz I think it tastes great.

  5. Why do Americans buy so much bottled water? Because drinking our tap water is more dangerous than doing shots of Absinthe, that’s why.

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