Hanni’s Theory

Ever have a 90+ rated wine that you thought was truly disgusting? If so, you probably think the discrepancy is due to your untrained palate. Well according to Tim Hanni, it may be your lack of taste buds, not simply your lack of taste. Tim Hanni is one of the first two Americans to pass England’s prestigious Master of Wine exam. He recently put his theory to the test at the first-ever Lodi International Wine Awards. The results didn’t always follow Hanni’s hypothesis, but he certainly created an interesting, new way to judge competitions. The irony of Hanni’s theory is that the big, bold, high-alcohol reds and oaked whites made popular by one highly-influential, American critic are the preferences of “tolerant tasters” or those with the least amount of taste buds. Maybe, Hanni’s hypothesis is more social commentary than theory.


  1. I love your blog. It was very interesting to read.
    I am curious how come I didn’t know about this blog before.

    I will try to spread the word. Some of my friends will like it.

    Cheerz and keep up the good work!

  2. you must not have taste buds if you dissagree!

  3. Maybe Robert Parker and the like just need a tongue cleaner/scraper.

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